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Reporting Details for Accepted Students

Important Posting Details 
  1. Bring your white coat (short sleeved, clean, presentable)
  2. Bring your matric card and PEP card
  3. Remember your mask size
  4. Be appropriately dressed at all times
  5. Observe the code of conduct for medical students
  6. If you have any assessment forms that needs to be filled up, please arrange with your supervisor to have it completed before the end of your elective. We will not be able to assist you once your elective has ended.

For an enhanced posting experience, do watch the following videos:
On empathy:
On hand washing:
  1. There is zero tolerance towards non-compliance with hand hygiene.
  2. ALL staff are to observe the hand washing protocol not only during ward rounds but at ALL times they are in the wards/clinics.
  3. 100% compliance is expected, 100% of the time.

Getting Around
There are no parking privileges for students. You may access the following for information regarding parking and fees:

To guide you around the hospital, you may access this link:

*More information on directions to Annex 2 can be downloaded in the documents attached at the bottom of the page. 

End-of-Posting Feedback
We would appreciate if you could click on the link below to complete a short feedback towards the end of your elective.
Deadline: The last day of your elective

Needlestick and Splash Injury Protocol
Please refer to the TTSH intranet page for our needlestick and splash injury protocol. 

You may click on the link http://intranet/eDM/repository/Current/WI/NIC/INF/WI-NIC-INF-020.doc and read through for your info.

PEP Card
The PEP card for clinical students is issued by NUS and must be carried around at all times.
The purpose of this card is to help students financially so that they don’t need to pay upfront for the initial screening.
The card will ensure that students the necessary assistance will be given to students at the time of the incident. 
Students will need to present the PEP card together with their student matric card so that hospitals will be able to verify their status as a student. 

Supervision for Medical Records Documentation

Type of Medical Student or Trainee:Medical Students
Countersignature Required by Which Level of Physician(s)?
Most Responsible Physician*Licensed ResidentOther Licensed Physician (for example, fellow, registrar, etc)
Please Mark (√) the appropriate boxes for each documentation activity
Inpatient Record
Admission H&P
Care Plan
Medication OrderNANANA
Other Orders (for example, vital signs, diet, diagnostic studies, and so on)NANANA
Progress Note
Transfer Note (within hospital)NANANA
Procedure Note (not OR)
Surgery/Invasive Procedure Consent SheetNANANA
Preoperative Note and/or Update
Pre-anesthesia Assessment
Anesthesia Consent FormNANANA
Immediate Postoperative Note
Complete Operative ReportNANANA
Post-anesthesia Assessment
Discharge SummaryNANANA
Transfer Note (to outside facility)NANANA
Emergency Medical Record
Physician EvaluationNANANA
ER Orders for CareNANANA
Outpatient/Ambulatory Record
Physician EvaluationNANANA
* most responsible physician may be a faculty physician, supervising physician, or senior admitting physician

International Patient Safety Goals

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